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Skin Cancer Specialists

for the treatment of Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer

Purpose-built facility

A purpose-built skin cancer clinic with the latest technology.

Digital imaging

Digital imaging equipment to keep track of your moles.

Expert care

Our highly trained skin cancer doctors deliver expert care.

Personalised treatment for non-melanoma skin cancer

Avion Medical Skin Centres offer all the latest diagnostics and skin cancer treatment options for patients with Skin Cancer. We provide expert skin cancer checks, mole screening, and treatment. We are the only accredited centre in Victoria offering the non-invasive treatment for non melanoma skin cancer, Rhenium-SCT. We are pleased to offer this alternative to traditional invasive options, designed to provide improved cosmetic outcomes, in a painless, single-session treatment.1,4*†

†No reported pain1,4

Did you Know, Rhenium-SCT treatment is...


A procedure is considered non-invasive when no break or cut in the skin is created.6

Completed in a Single-Session1*

*Complete tumour regression in 98.5% of lesions treated, with 89% after a single application.3

Aesthetic / functional1,2§

§No disfiguring scarring; Retained functionality in high-risk and difficult to treat areas.

Skin Cancer Treatment Melbourne

Avion Medical Skin Centres (AMSC) is designed as a welcoming and comfortable day treatment centre, located in the heart of Melbourne’s hospital precinct (and just a stone’s throw from Peter Mac). AMSC offers all patients a comfortable armchair during treatment, walled private areas, an iPad mounted to a convenient wheeled stand… and spectacular views over Melbourne’s city skyline.

Find us within the Melbourne Theranostics Innovation Centre, which is Level 8, 14-20 Blackwood St, North Melbourne VIC 3051.

Skin cancer services

Skin lesion examination/Skin Cancer screening

You can book an appointment to see one our skin cancer doctors to assess concerning spots. No referral is needed.

Digital mole mapping

If you are a high-risk skin cancer patient we will provide you digital mole mapping. You will be assessed by our skin cancer doctors and costs $250 privately.

Full body skin check

If you are a sun loving person or having a strong personal or family history of skin cancer, it would be suggested to get your full skin check once yearly. It usually takes 30 minutes and will cost about $250 out of pocket for Medicare card holders.

Skin Cancer treatments

Avion Medical Skin Centres is the leading treatment centre in Australia, for skin cancer. We offer:

  • Topical treatments
  • Cryotherapy
  • Photodynamic Therapy
  • Excision
  • Rhenium-SCT non invasive skin cancer treatment (only accredited Centre in VIC)

Treatment Requests & Enquiries

Physicians can use this form to submit their patients’ online Treatment Request Form, or contact us for more information, request a rep follow-up and materials to use in clinics. Physicians, Patients and everyone else can use this form for all General Enquiries too.

You can also call our Head Office on 1300 844 204.

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