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Personalised Treatment

for non-melanoma skin cancer 1-3

Short duration of treatment1,2¶

Treatment time is generally 30 to 180 minutes.

Aesthetic / functional1,2§

§No disfiguring scarring; Retained functionality in high-risk and difficult to treat areas


No reported pain.1,4

Precise, personalised treatment

Rhenium-SCT® (Skin Cancer Therapy) is a brachytherapy utilising the Beta emitter radioisotope Rhenium-188 for the treatment Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer.

Step one

The physician marks the area to be treated.

Step two

The area is covered with a clear film before applying the Rhenium-SCT® paste.

Step three

After a calculated period of time (between 30-180mins), the film is removed and the waste is disposed of.

"After having surgery on my last NMSC, which was a mixture of Basel cell carcinoma and Squamous cell carcinoma, my son-in-law told me about the Rhenium-SCT as a treatment for my next lesion. Having the therapy was a great experience. There was no cutting, it was completely painless, simple and the results are just fantastic. I would definitely recommend this therapy to everyone."

- Maria A.

Watch this video to understand more about the treatment

Be prepared

Avion Medical Skin Centres is a specialist treatment centre for Rhenium-SCT – there’s a few things that must be completed prior to your appointment, we can recommend a few things to ensure your treatment day is most comfortable, and then there’s things to be aware afterwards.

Prior to treatment

Patient information, biopsy results

Your dermatologist, radio-oncologist or other skin health specialist will have already shared the necessary information and results with us. Once a Treatment Request form is submitted, we will contact you within 48 hours to confirm the appointment.

Payment for treatment

There will be some out-of-pocket cost for treatment with Rhenium-SCT, because it is not reimbursed or covered by private health insurance. AMSC will provide an invoice, for payment prior to treatment – we accept bank transfer and most major credit cards.

Be informed

You will likely have a lot of questions – please do ask your dermatologist, radio-oncologist or other skin health specialist if there’s anything you’re unsure of. AMSC can also provide information materials directly to you, or via your health professional.

On the day

Eat, drink

This is not surgery so you do not have to fast prior to your treatment. We recommend you eat and drink at your normal meal times prior to arriving at AMSC for treatment with Rhenium-SCT.

Wear something comfortable

You will not need to change into a patient gown. You can attend treatment wearing your normal and most comfortable clothes and shoes.

Bring something to read, watch

Treatment times vary (typically 30-180mins) and part of that time is sitting still while the Rhenium-SCT goes to work. So we recommend you bring in your favourite book, sudoku, fully charged phone or iPad.

After care

The healing process

Initially there will be minimal visible changes besides a slight reddening. The redness will likely increase over the next few days, and a crust or scab will form. The area may feel itchy and even bleed a bit. Normal skin healing will occur and should be complete within 60 to 180 days.

Follow our general advice

Please read the After Care leaflet which includes specific information about the healing process as well as general advice – if you have not received this, please ask your dermatologist or get in touch with us directly.

See your dermatologist

Set regular follow up appointments with your dermatologist to check the lesion site and the healing process. Recommended intervals: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months; then every 12 months – please consult your dermatologist or skin health professional.

Treatment providers of Rhenium-SCT

Avion Medical Skin Centres (AMSC) have been working with OncoBeta GmbH in bringing this innovative therapy to Australia. Rhenium-SCT® (skin cancer therapy) is now available via our state-of-the-art treatment facility within the Melbourne Theranostics Innovation Centre (MTIC). We are pleased to offer this alternative to traditional invasive options, designed to provide improved cosmetic outcomes, in a painless, single-session treatment.1,4*†

*Complete tumour regression in 98.5% of lesions treated3
No reported pain1,4

Treatment Requests & Enquiries

Physicians can use this form to submit their patients’ online Treatment Request Form, or contact us for more information, request a rep follow-up and materials to use in clinics. Physicians, Patients and everyone else can use this form for all General Enquiries too.


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